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Fall 2018 Update

It has been a busy Fall, as usual. Cattle on grass are gaining weight. Fall pastures have been planted. Overseeded 40 acres of grass with a legume mix. Weaned this years calves, yesterday. In a week, we will work them and then put on fall forage. Army worms are terrible. They decimated all of the new Bermuda grass growth I was planning to use this Fall. So, feeding hay bales for now so grasses can regrow as much as possible before freeze. They say only cure for the worms is a freeze, since I am not willing to spray an insecticide. We have 22 bred heifers that will have their first calf next Spring. In process of replacing aging cows in the herd. Many of them are 12 years old. At that age, their teeth are getting real short or falling out. They get to the point where they cannot eat enough to maintain their body weight and go down hill rapidly. Well, that's all for now. Will try to not wait so long between posts. Happy Fall!