- You place an order for ¼ or more of a carcass and pay $100 deposit.
- When the animals reach their potential, I deliver them to the Fort Cobb Locker Plant (phone # 405-643-2355) for processing. We really like this family owned business that follows USDA standards.
- They slaughter the animals and hang the carcasses for aging.  Now that we know the actual weight of the carcass, you pay Potter Cattle the remaining beef cost.  (# of hanging weight) x (price per #) - deposit = balance due.
- You call the Locker Plant with your specific order of how you want your beef cut up: thickness of steaks, number of pounds in hamburger package, size of roasts, etc.
- In about 2 ½ weeks, you pick-up your fresh beef from Fort Cobb and pay for processing plus percentage of kill and waste removal fee.

How buying wholesale beef works?





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