Why Grassfed

 It’s Better Beef. 

Our Angus influenced cattle are born and raised on our farm.  They are free ranged on grass and other forages in a low stress environment without the therapeutic use of antibiotics or hormones.

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Higher in healthy omega 3 fatty acids, CLA’s and vitamin E.  Lower in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Guaranteed Fresh

Carcasses hang and dry-age for two weeks.  Processed to your specifications.  Flash frozen for easy transport and storage.

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Competitively Priced

2019 price is $4/lb hanging weight, Processing is $.72lb, and No sales tax.

All beef we sell comes from cattle under two years of age.  Most hamburger available in stores today is made from older cows and bulls that are too tough and tasteless to do anything else with.  I promise, you will notice the difference.